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Advocate Chandan Choudhary M.Com, B.A. (Hons), LL.B. (RU) Advocate, Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi Practising since: 2011

After graduating in Law from Ranchi University, Ranchi in the year 2011, Mr. Chandan Choudhary got himself enrolled as an advocate with the Jharkhand State Bar Council. Thereafter Mr. Chandan Choudhary joined the District Bar Association, Ranchi and practiced law in the Civil Courts at Ranchi for about one year.

Thereafter, Mr. Chandan Choudhary joined the Advocates’ Association, Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi and started his practice of law exclusively in the High Court at Ranchi. And soon Mr. Chandan Choudhary carved out a reputation for himself as a lawyer in the High Court at Ranchi.

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As it is famously said “Law is Blind” which implies that Law doesn’t discriominate people on any ground. People are equal before the Law. To ensure the same we swear to apply only ethical practices to get your job done. We promise to be completely ethical in our work process and desire cooperation from your end. 

Transparency is the next main thing we focus on. All the proceedings and steps taken in any particular case of any client is made transparent with the client and simultaneously kept confidential from other clients. On your part we desire complete honesty to eliminate any chance of any misunderstandings.

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